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How can we help you get your next job?

Career Coaching & Guidance

Work with a career coach to discuss your next steps and work out what you need to do to get to your goal.

Online Job Searching

We can show you the best methods for searching and applying for the jobs that you are interested in.

Professional CV/Resume writing

We can help you write a professional CV or resume to get your foot in the door with any potential employer.

Interview Techniques and tips

We train you in what to expect in your interview and what you can do to give the best impression of yourself to the interviewer.

Specialist Career Advice & Support

The workplace can be a challenging place for accessibility. We work to help remove barriers for you.

Why Choose Us?

We are Experienced

We have years of UK and international Coaching experience that we can apply to your situation. 

We are Flexible

We can work around when and where suits you. Coaching can be delivered online or in person in the North-East.

We are Supportive

Coaching is a cooperative process. We support you in each step of your employment journey.  

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Who We Are

Here at STC, we have years of experience in coaching individuals and delivering training to help you find your next job and to improve your employability.

We operate as a Community Interest Company. That means that as long as you meet the criteria we can provide our services to you for free.

We work closely with you in a flexible way to ensure that you get the outcomes you want in a way that suits you.

Finding new employment can be a journey and we want to support you along the way.


Liz has worked with us for two years. In this time I have respected Liz’s great communication skills, her intelligence shown when dealing with very complex young people who are often at a crisis point in their lives. She has worked with possibly some of the most challenging young people in secondary education from across the UK. She has a good understanding of working within the GATSBY principles and spends time to investigate local opportunities and offers in local areas.
Neil E
Assistant Head & SENCO
would recommend Elizabeth to other people seeking help and assistance with their careers and those wanting to improve their leadership skills. I spoke with her over a number of sessions focusing on interview techniques centred on leadership. This was to improve my performance after my previous unsuccessful interviews for senior roles. She supported and challenged me on a number of areas based on the job specification and requirements which I found very helpful. This provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my leadership skills and my approach to presenting. We covered the interview process to focus on question techniques and how to frame answers and master the interview overall. Anyone who is looking for help and support with how to develop and approach the interview process I would thoroughly recommend speaking with Elizabeth.
Chris, Senior Evidence Specialist
I booked some sessions with Elizabeth when I was having a difficult time at work and was not sure what direction I wanted to go in. Through 1-1 meetings and some great paper-based exercises sent to me by Elizabeth, I was able to work out what it was I wanted from a job and narrow down my options. With Elizabeth's support, I developed the confidence to know what I wanted, and to ask for it. I am now in a much better place in my work life and have a more developed understanding of what I enjoy and want to focus on. Thank you Elizabeth!
Alice R
I would not hesitate to recommend Elizabeth to friends or colleagues thinking of having career coaching. Elizabeth helped guide me through the options of a career change, whilst assisting with updating my CV. I now feel I have a much clearer understanding of what I am looking for and what skills I have that could transfer to an alternative role.
Martin H
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Having recently used Elizabeth’s services for job coaching and evaluating my current career alongside potential changes, I have recently been offered the opportunity of promotion within my current role. Where I would have been hesitant and doubted myself in believing I could advance my career, Elizabeth’s help has allowed me to grow in confidence, recognising my strengths and areas of development, which has meant I now feel confident in moving forward and embracing the opportunity ahead. I would thoroughly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to gain clarity in their thinking around career progression or change.
KB, Customer and Trading Manager
I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone facing career challenges. About a year and a half ago, Elizabeth helped me prepare for a successful promotion. Recently, I sought her coaching again to boost my confidence for leadership roles. Elizabeth's skilful approach of asking probing questions and challenging me to reflect sparked numerous ‘eureka’ moments in just a few sessions, giving me fresh perspectives. I will definitely reach out to Elizabeth again and am pleased to share that I've already recommended her to two friends who have started their coaching sessions with her.
Frederik W, Senior Research Officer, Civil Service

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